The Alphan Crusade - 81 years on the Good Side of History

The Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity is a College of Law-based fraternity in the University of the Philippines. To this date, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity maintains its singular existence in UP College of Law, with no recognized chapters outside the UP Diliman. Its present roster of Lords hails not only from the UP College of Law but also from the other colleges in the University.

It was in the fateful date of November 1939, when some juniors and sophomores of the College who would later be called the Charter Members adopted the Greek letters A Φ B equivalent to the organization's initials of "Association of the Philippine Barristers.” It was spurred by the founders’ aspiration to mobilize the studentry and place themselves in the forefront of toppling what was then a threatened dictatorship about to be born when then Philippine President Manuel Quezon declared the creation of a "one-party" government. Charter member and respected nationalist-historian Renato Constantino wrote the Fraternity Motto "We shall not be saved without Wisdom, for Knowledge is Power, but only Wisdom is Liberty."

Since 1940, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity has been producing Editors from Philippine Collegian, Philippine Law Journal, Philippinensian, and Philippine Law Register. Alphans have also consistently been in the top 10 of the annual Bar Examinations. Moreover, the Fraternity has been generating distinguished names in the Government, particularly in the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature, Military, legal education, business, industry, and in other different fields and professions. These have been a testament to the Fraternity’s dedication not only in honor and excellence, but also in public service and love for the country.

we will not be saved without wisdom