Carlos “Caloy” L. Esguerra AΦB 1959 wins a Merit Award in SPACe's 2020 Photography Show

September 10, 2020

The Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity congratulates Brod Carlos “Caloy” L. Esguerra AΦB 1959 for winning a Merit Award for his “Olmsted Point 5103” in the 2020 Photography Show hosted by the Spanish Peaks Arts Council (SPACe) in La Veta, Colorado.

SPACe is the artistic hub for the Spanish Peaks region in Southern Colorado. It exhibits original artworks by area artists to promote and encourage public appreciation, education, and awareness of arts. The 2020 Photography Show is one of its annual events participated by over 250 photographers throughout the United States of America.

Brod Caloy, as a landscape and fine arts photographer, is a recipient of multiple national and international awards and recognition in photography. Among these prestigious awards are the “Pamana ng Pilipino” Presidential Awards, “Ani ng Dangal” by the National Council on Culture and Arts in the Philippines, 'Distinguished Alumni Award in Culture and the Arts' from the University of the Philippines, Order of the Knights of Rizal - New York Chapter Award in Literature and the Arts, and "The Greater China Grant" from the Luminous-Landscape Endowment Fund.

The Fraternity wishes all the best for Brod Caloy to continue his amazing contribution to the arts and inspire younger generations to continue building a tradition of excellence.

Congratulations, Brod!

He's an Alphan, through and through!

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