Kamalayan: Alphan Month 2020

October 3, 2020

As the nation faces unprecedented adversities, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity marks its 81st anniversary this October with the country in our hearts and its future in our minds. Thus, the Fraternity is organizing three worthy projects aimed at contributing to the rebuilding and renewal of our nation. Staying true to our core principle of Wisdom is Liberty, the Fraternity heralds a message of freedom through national consciousness for this Alphan Month, which bears the theme “Kamalayan."

Fostering socio-political consciousness or their “Malay” among younger generations, the 2020 Ditto Sarmiento Journalism Cup is a nationwide competition that aims to allow High School and College students to showcase their writing and critical-thinking skills through journalism.

Recognizing the suffering of our people, Project LINGAP is anchored on “Alay” or offering. It is a socio-civic initiative organized to address the needs of UP Diliman constituents whose opportunities and livelihood are being ravaged by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Knowing that the nation will soon be free or “Malaya” from this pandemic, the Fraternity launches The Alphan Thought Leaders Series, a 4-week webinar series on key fields of study relevant to addressing the effects and issues brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fraternity invites everyone to be part of our projects: support your schools and participants in this year’s DSJC Cup; give what you can to the UP Community via Project LINGAP; and attend the series of webinars under the Alphan Thought Leaders Series.

In the midst of fear, may we see courage; in darkness, optimism; and in adversity, unity.
Long live the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity!

we will not be saved without wisdom