Nelson Navarro AΦB 1966's 1st Death Anniversary

September 22, 2020

“The past is never past. It lingers in the labyrinth of memory, ephemeral but always intrusive, stalking the ever demanding present which rules the sense like a jealous lover." - Brod Nelson Navarro AΦB 1966. A veteran journalist, author, biographer, former student activist, and a maverick of his time whose works dared the tyrant’s rule, Nelson Navarro is a man of great fervor, a true man of the Alpha. Today, we commemorate the first death anniversary of Brod Nelson Navarro AΦB 1966. Known for his wit, way with words, and undying passion for his countrymen, he was etched in history as a man of depth and prominence.

Nelson Navarro formally began his writing career as the Editor-in-Chief of the Philippine Collegian in 1967. It was also at this time that he became a student activist in UP Diliman where he was vigorously involved during the 1970 First Quarter Storm and the Diliman Commune. As the national spokesperson of the Movement for a Democratic Philippines, Navarro was no stranger to false accusations brought about by the despotic state. He was implicated in the August 1971 Plaza Miranda Bombing and was charged with subversion while on an educational trip in the U.S. He then applied and was granted political asylum in the United States. While exiled to a foreign land, Navarro ardently continued his cause. He opposed the dictator by co-founding and editing the anti-Martial Law 'Ningas' magazine while finishing a master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University in 1976.

Nelson Navarro then further proved that his heart truly belonged to the Filipino people when he chose to go back to the Philippines to renew his commitment to and serve his fellow countrymen. Navarro, in his writing, said: “Either I was a Filipino in the Philippines of real risk and turbulence or a pseudo-American clinging to Filipino identity out of guilt and convenience.”

Navarro’s prominence in the Philippines post-’EDSA I’ was brought about by his contribution to the country’s press. He wrote for Malaya, Manila Standard, and the Philippine Star, and was a co-anchor of ABS-CBN’s Options and a regular panelist of GMA-7’s Firing Line. He was also famously known for writing biographies of notable individuals such as former President Diosdado Macapagal, former Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez, former Vice President Jejomar Binay, known-educator Dr. Nemesio Prudente, and singer-actress Armida Siguion-Reyna.

A devoted Alphan, he wrote the book “On the Good Side of History,” which narrates the Fraternity’s long standing pursuit of wisdom across generations of Alphans.

The Alpha Phi Beta remembers and celebrates the life and legacy of a true nation-builder and a lifelong Alphan in Brod Nelson Navarro!

He’s an Alphan, through and through!

we will not be saved without wisdom