Renato Constantino AΦB 1939's 21st Death Anniversary

September 15, 2020

“Man alone, man the individual, could never have become human except in association with other men.” Renato Constantino is an esteemed scholar and writer of his time, a historian who became part of history itself, and a true Alphan.

Today marks the 21st death anniversary of Renato Constantino AΦB1939. As we commemorate the passing of a glorious historical figure, let us take a moment to remember his contributions to our country. In 1939, Renato Constantino became the youngest editor-in-chief of the Philippine Collegian, where he wrote columns criticizing the then-President Manuel Quezon’s social justice program. When World War 2 started, he served as a member of the Intelligence team against the Japanese occupants and as a Journalist during the war. He joined the Philippine Mission to the United Nations as the Executive Secretary from 1946 to 1949, right after WW2 concluded. He also served as counselor of the Department of Foreign Affairs from 1949 to 1951, where he wrote a book about the United Nations.

He opposed and fought against the Marcos dictatorship using the written word which shaped the minds of those who resisted authoritarian rule. His persistent and sharp criticisms resulted in his house arrest, but this did not stop him from fighting the dictatorship in his own way - writing.

His works were known to open the minds of readers to the socio-political intricacies of the government system. His most famous books, A Past Revisited and The Continuing Past , are staples of learning systems and are continuously discussed and reviewed in classrooms around the country.

The Alpha Phi Beta commemorates one of its Founding Brothers on his 21st Death Anniversary and celebrates a life well-lived, with great distinction, and in dedication to serve the nation

He’s an Alphan, through and through!

we will not be saved without wisdom