Alphans in Campus Leadership 2020

September 12, 2020

"Few are given the chance by history to be able to help his fellow man & be called upon to perform/deliver on his sworn duty. This is that time! Instead of shirking from it, we should embrace & accept it as a challenge & unique opportunity to make a difference and help others." -Sorsogon Gov. Francis "Chiz" Escudero AΦB 1990B

The Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity is proud of its Alphan Brothers who heeded the call of service during these pressing times. Despite facing challenges on multiple fronts, these Alphans stepped up and took the great responsibility of leading their organizations and serving their colleges in the next academic year.

In a nation faced with an unprecedented crisis, the Alphan brand of competent, nationalistic, moral, and steadfast leadership has never been more essential.

The Fraternity commends our Alphan Brothers for exemplifying the gallantry of an Alphan Leader, ready to embrace the demands of service and carry the weight of any challenge for the betterment of the people. May wisdom guide you every step of the way.

Serve the people!

Francis Emmanuel Santiago AΦB 2014N
B Public Administration
President - UP Circle of Administrators (UP CIRCA)

Benedict Anuta AΦB 2015
B Public Administration
VP for Knowledge Management - UP Circle of Administrators

John Gedric Tudio AΦB 2016D
B Public Administration
President - Maroon FM

Miguel Paco Erlano AΦB 2016H
BS Mechanical Engineering
VP for Internals - UP Gears and Pinions

Reiner Gallardo AΦB 2016H
Graduated BA Political Science - UP Diliman (2016)
Juris Doctor - UP Diliman
Law Representative - University Student Council

Karlo Abuda AΦB 2016J
Graduated BA Philosophy - UP Los Banos (2015)
Juris Doctor - UP Diliman
President - UP Law Student Government, UP Law Charivari
Director of External Relations - Association of Law Students of the Philippines - National

Ruther Flores AΦB 2017C
Graduated BSE English - Bicol University (2012)
Juris Doctor - UP Diliman
VP for Education and Research - National Alliance of Youth Leaders Inc.

Emilio Miguel “Mio” Galang AΦB 2017D
BS Psychology
President - UP Pugad Sayk

Aleandro “Dro” Sta. Ana AΦB 2017D
BS Business Administration and Accountancy
Executive Secretary - UP Junior Finance Association

Tristan Gabriel Felipe AΦB 2018C
Graduated BS Accountancy - DLSU (2017)
Juris Doctor - UP BGC
Acting Treasurer - UP Law Student Government

Rainier John “RJ” Suarez AΦB 2018E
BA Political Science
Executive VP - National Alliance of Youth Leaders Inc.

Francis Gabriel Abog AΦB 2019D
B Public Administration
President - Junior Philippine Society for Public Administration - NCR Chapter
Councilor Finance Administrator - UP NCPAG Student Council

They are Alphans, through and through!

we will not be saved without wisdom