Projects and Events

Ang Pasko ay Para sa Bata

The Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity holds an annual outreach program created to bring Christmas joy and cheer to Children.

Ang Pag-asa ng Bayan Foundation

Ang Pag-asa ng Bayan Foundation (APBF) is a non-stock, non-profit institution that advocates nation building and community development by harnessing and developing the full potential of the youth as nation builders. The privilege to give and help communities is what APBF relishes as the foundation continually spearheading advocacy campaigns and projects for various communities including annual school supplies giving, mentoring and personality development program, Christmas Gift-giving, and Educational Assistance and Scholarship to poor and qualified students living in an underprivileged communities.

This year, as "Brigada Eskwela" deviates from the traditional concept of physical cleaning, painting, repainting, and doing minor repairs in schools, APBF partnered with Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity in aiding the schools preparations in ensuring ensure that quality basic education will continue despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. Each targeted secondary schools in metro and mega manila received; (i). Trays for foot bath, (ii). Plastic Covers for divisions/physical distancing, (iii.) Hand soaps and dispenser, iv. Hand Sanitizer/Alcohol, and (v.) Bond Papers for printing Students Modules

UPCAT Review

The Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity holds its review program for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) every year for free, months before the actual exam. The program comprehensively covers the four main subtests of the actual exam – Language, Mathematics, Science and Reading Comprehension. Conducted as one of its worthy projects, members of the Alpha Phi Beta volunteer every year to conduct these review sessions in areas far and wide such as the venue for last year’s review program in Tagaytay City, Cavite.

Provided how review centers are now the norm in preparing for college entrance exams due to its proven effectiveness, enrollment to these review centers may come at a hefty price for some people. The Alpha Phi Beta, in its vigorous but wise pursuit to give back to the community, aims to provide an opportunity for those who are in need of these services but cannot afford them. This is why the Fraternity’s review sessions come without any price whatsoever. Through collaborative learning, the Alpha Phi Beta UPCAT Review seeks to help students prepare not just for the UPCAT, but for other entrance exams as well.


Years prior, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity held annual concerts at their tambayan at the Palma Hall Green Circles inside UP Diliman. Dubbed “Imbang Gabi” and held regularly after the Lantern Parade, it served as a great way to end the year before entering the Christmas break. Years later, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity decided to revamp an annual concert, inspired by “Imbang Gabi”, and on 2017, moved it to the middle of the semester. This serves as a way for the students to enjoy amidst the hard work they’ve endured, and transformed it to a night of concert and party catered to the students of the University of the Philippines - Diliman and other collegiate level students. Serving as a night of music from high profile bands and DJs in the industry, to go along with a student friendly entrance fee and a night of free flowing drinks, Pandemonium was born.

In October 2017, the Fraternity held the first of its revamped concert, Pandemonium: First Light. Held at Cities Events Place, the night featured DJs RiDDO and The Youngs, while Gracenote, Tom’s Story, Jensen & the Flips and Autotelic jammed the excited crowd. The following year, Pandemonium: Lights Out ensured to continue the success of the first event and promised to bring a bigger and more unforgettable night. With performances from UP alumni DJ Howee Lee and DJ Molina, while rocking the crowd were New Game +, Any Name’s Okay, Gracenote, LUNARLIGHTS, B R I S O M, and finally headlined by one of the industry’s best, Sponge Cola, Pandemonium: Lights Out was truly an event for the ages.

Daniel Den Reyes Basketball Cup

The Den Daniel Reyes Basketball Tournament, or more commonly known to the brods as the DDR, is the fraternity’s basketball tournament exclusive to the brods. Usually held during Saturdays and Sundays, the brods, both juniors and seniors, residents and alumni, get to integrate through a sport that they all love: Basketball. Although it exhibits a competitive atmosphere, it builds camaraderie among the brods and allows the juniors to acquire wisdom from its seniors through meaningful conversations before, during, and after games.

The DDR is held to commemorate the late brod Den Daniel Reyes 99A. The brods hold this tournament very close to its heart because through it, we remember our late brod. Through the solidarity and unity exhibited during this tournament, the Fraternity immortalizes the memory of our brod Den.

Ditto Sarmiento Essay Writing and Journalism Cup

The Ditto Sarmiento Journalism Cup* is a nationwide competition that aims to allow High School and College students to showcase their writing, and critical-thinking skills through journalism contests which include the Ditto Sarmiento Nationwide Search for Ten Outstanding Young Journalists (TOYJ), Photojournalism Contest, and Editorial Cartoon Contest.

This event also aims to help the youth develop a sense of responsibility in pursuit of truthful, accurate, and fair journalism, and to uphold press freedom together with our democratic rights and civil liberties. Further, it envisions to instill in the youth a passion for serving the country and countrymen through free and fearless journalism and love for literature.

*DSJC is named after Alphan Martyr Abraham "Ditto Sarmiento" who was ditor-in-chief of Philippine Collegian during martial law. He penned the famous quote: "Kung hindi tayo, kikibo, sino ang kikibo? Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?" The fraternity also conducted Essay Writing Competitions and Forums in the past decade in honor of Ditto Sarmiento.

Alphan Talks

Notwithstanding the natural barriers present between different professions and generations, the Alphan Talks series aims to provide an avenue for the fraternity members coming from different walks of life, different time and culture, and different interests and professions to meet, integrate, and discuss topics of interest that the more experienced Alphans bring into the table. The discussions during each episode are free-flowing, enlightening, and captivating, creating new interests and connecting common interests among the attending members.

Project Pluma

The Project Pluma is an internal development program designed for all resident Alphans that are interested in participating or joining student publications. This program consists of writing workshops, editorial conferences, and evaluations. Alongside with interests in writing for publications, this also helps to develop academic and non-academic writing skills that enables to continue the Alphan legacy in the field of Journalism and Literature.

Project Lingap: Alphan Donation Drive

Project Lingap is an Alpha Phi Beta-initiative umbrella project organized in order to address the needs of the U.P Diliman constituents whose opportunities and livelihood have been, and are continuously ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the displaced jeepney drivers, campus stall vendors, and construction workers. Through its programs, Lingap aims to give a helping hand, and assist those affected in adapting to the new normal. The U.P community is dear to the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity. As such, it was easy to decide to help those who we consider to be the very foundation of our beloved school.

Alphan Professional Series

The Alphan Professionals Series is a pillar series established by the resident working Alphans aimed at developing the fundamental knowledge and basic skills of its young fraternity members in preparation for the professional arena. The series is not limited to professional engagements as it also trains the members how to better engage with others, personal or organizational, professional or otherwise, with the tried and tested professional values and conduct widely accepted across various industries and professions.

Bar Operations

The Alphan Bar Operations is the testament of our tradition of camaraderie. After their four or more grueling years of legal education, we obligate ourselves to accompany our beloved brothers as they take their final hurdle to enter the legal profession. Our presence not only takes off the immense pressure of facing the herculean task that is the Bar, but it also conveys our commitment and support for the ideals and values that our brothers hold for the profession and the nation. It is of great pride that the Alpha Phi Beta produces new lawyers every year in service to the Filipino people. Behind such consistency is the utmost dedication of our aspiring lawyer brothers and the brothers who continue to believe that liberty will one day be claimed.

The success of an Alphan Brother is the success of the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity as a whole. Working as a collective is one of the implicit values for the establishment of the Fraternity. Our Founders believed that an individual lacks the machinery to be the catalyst for social revolution if he was to stand alone. To have a real and lasting impact, a brotherhood must be formed.

Board Operations

The Board Examinations is one of the few final tasks one must overcome before he is bestowed upon a license which allows him to practice professionally in certain fields. Aside from the difficulty posed by the exam itself, the preparation is an equally, if not more rigorous process an examiner must undergo. Aside from the mental challenge this process requires, one also has to take into account the finances for review institution fees, study materials, food, lodging, and other expenses.

Given the circumstances stated, it is a privilege for the brothers of the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity of having nothing to worry about but studying to the best of their abilities. It is truly a big help especially to those who have greater financial responsibilities which often stop them from pursuing the examinations. Having a study buddy, accommodation, financial support for study materials and review centers, are some of the assistance the fraternity extends upon the brods.

This truly allows the examiner to focus on his field of studies and take the test at his best or if not, near his best condition. This of course does not come with a price, the fraternity extends its help so that the brod may be able to extend his help to the country, and to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

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